Vins Miquel Gelabert – The crazy Manacor

Yes, well yes, Crazy Manacor, and this is not homegrown, do not. This is how the German press affectionately calls Miquel Gelabert and rightly. We must not forget that today Miquel Gelabert has an approximate production 35 thousand bottles / year, produced in 9 ha of old vines over 40 years old, but with a range of about 30 different grapes, thereby producing more than 20 References, some with lower annual number of bottles to the thousand units.

The antithesis of what any dealer looking. Importers / distributors want one or two references per winery and infinite amount, so if they can get to present a wine in its market and is sued, sell to infinity and beyond. But producers as Miquel Gelabert, are not to obey the laws of the market peak, are to produce wonderful handmade products. Miquel Gelabert, is dedicated to developing unique wines, incredible, geographically delocalized, to create the most memorable wines affection, regardless of the amount of these. For example, sweet produces both white and red wines, the best grapes, with his own upbringing and processes, which can produce for less than a thousand bottles reference, True exclusivity and luxury, because with a bottle whenever you hit Miquel Gelabert.

From catering origin, Miquel Gelabert, He began his journey as a chef in his restaurant in Cala Millor, until his father, entered the 80, commented with family, could be done with small family vineyards, since he was old enough to work on them. Well without thinking twice, Miquel stepped forward, and so self-taught, He began learning, create, and today is one of the most important figures of the Majorcan scene, through which, Mallorcan wine elbowing its way.

Great supporter of the local varieties, of which maintains its own reservoir of gorgollassa, White Giró, Turned Black, fogoneu or Jaumillo rememorable, some of which are not allowed, for now, since they are recovering slowly.

We made a visit to his winery in the center of Manacor, and with much kindness and hospitality, we enjoyed a lecture, about their wines, its vital process, their techniques and tricks, and as, We tried almost all its wines. When someone enjoys what he does, has a vital experience and wisdom in something very concrete, and also is willing to share with others, It is in these moments of conversation, when we realize who the great people, generous, warm, kind and wise, as opposed to the poor and strangers.

I can not describe all the wines we sampled, but if I can say that many of the best wines “French” I've tried, shutters are, Miquel Gelabert (Aged chardonnay, cabernet / merlot incredible, etc.) in addition to their native varieties, its sweet red and white, Unique in its kind, and “black torrent”. Worth to try these wines and artisanal production limited, clearly.


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