Wine on the island of Cabrera

In virtually all the Balearic islands has produced wine since time immemorial, even before the Roman domination.

You know that also produced wine on the island of Cabrera? for that is. There are indications that human occupation of the archipelago of Cabrera, from the Bronze Age. Even still there are the remains of a monastery paloecristiano, dated on el s.IV D.C.. and more recently in time, family Feliu, owns the island of Cabrera in the S. XIX, Agricultural Colony founded the Vila Cristina, cultivating vines, among other agricultural productions and ramaderas. There are still colonial buildings.

The family was owner Feliu de Cabrera, to 1916, when the government, expropriated the island, due to sighting of a German submarine off the coast of Cabrera. To avoid losing neutrality in World War II, and possible territorial disputes, the Spanish army occupied the island until the creation of the National Park 1992.

The saga of the family Feliu, It belongs to a noble lineage, yet with great historical presence in Mallorca. Owners of large possesions as Espases, Costa d'en Blanes or, etc. Some of whom lost property due to war.

In the years 60, Family, tried to regain ownership of the island of Cabrera, because of rumors about the possible urban land speculation that Marsans travel planning on the island when the military presence winding. Which did not occur, until the declaration of Natural Park, and thus, the island of Cabrera has reached our days as one of the great virgin espacions of pitiusas. Another chapter in the struggle between land speculation and the preservation of natural areas in our country




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