White Wine Quibia – Anima Negra

The Anima Negra Quibia, is a clear example of the brilliance AN team, (Cerda, Obrador, Grimalt?) Authentic alchemists who helped restore the dignity of the islanders wines.

Actually, the Quiba, is a white half and half “white black” (a white wine made from red grapes and half white half), since their varieties are white (moll the prensal) and callet (red), and not whether something Giro, used in the same way as a French champagne chardonnay would (white grape) together with pinot noir and pinot meunier (red grape). A very balanced wine, fruity, soft, without fanfare aromatic, perfect for enjoying a moment of shared summer with good friends.

Since trying reds Anima Negra, for me, they are a great success, I was surprised that they only had red, huge, voluptuous, After peroal, red outside the summer heat. A simple and uncomplicated man like me, who loves pink and less good white, I found it unfair that these great creators only focus on a product that I love, but in summer do not feel much.

How Come, commented on Article on current Mallorcan wines, the bulk of hectoliters produced on the island, consumed in situ, due to the high volume of tourists looking to cool the throat with good local wine, and often demand large extent pink and white. As for any local winery, have a pink or white always helps to make quick cash and get some interesting income without having an immobilized red in stockstock, while tuned in barrel or bottle.

So I guess the Quibia meets this requirement, have a good white wine, for a huge local market that demands. As I remember the first Quibia which proved a veranitos ago, let me warm, no me refrescó, showed no great alchemy achieved with the reds they do in AN. It was a plain white wine more. That should make a dent in the brand itself (according to comments sometimes Cerdà, they suffer in their own flesh as it is a born salesman battle frontline), yet, therein lies the genius of the winemaker in turn over the tortilla, phoenix reborn, and redo a white wine tremendous, as it has become the currently Quibia, latest 2.0.

As told me one day, the great winemaker Rafael Bordalás, Bordalás Bodega García de Gratallops in the Priorat: -We must defend your wine, It is always the best ever, because it is you. I agree to some extent. You have to know rectify, accept reality and strive to improve, and improve yourself to seek perfection in everything you do. And this is a clear example that AN, always exceeds, before the challenge they face to get something even better.

Lover of good drinks, Quick weak kidney and liver. Alchemist's Apprentice wine and spirits, hedonistic while ascetic

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