Facts about the wines and wineries Mallorca Baleares

The Majorcan bodegas Galaxy, It is a far place, strange, luxuriant, and is an area little known, inexorably continues to expand. With similar to nearby galaxies history, peninsula, but with a slight delay, due to the remoteness, that has taken advantage of to gain momentum and accelerate expansion.

The reality in the galaxy of wines from mallorca, it is reality, any space or area wine, would enjoy. It occurs in all and everything is sold, more than acceptable margins and successes. Thanks to a constant mass flow and foreign consumers, who come to the island with longing and thirst for local products. In a presentation of the Binissalem, Margarita Amat, commented that statistics indicate that more than 85% production of wines of the DO, sold locally, and the rest is exported, with notable increases year, by year, but domestic consumption so intensive that made less attractive to exporting, and I will not mention the headache, paperwork and knowledge of international trade and logistics processes, which makes them prefer to take several boxes next to the restaurant, before exporting a pallet to Germany.

We all know that local consumers, retains a taste for wines outside this region, perhaps the most attractive prices, fame and trajectory of other DO's more established in the domestic market, causes local lifelong, follow pidendo a wine from the Rioja and Ribera del Duero, vino before a DO or DO Binissalem Plan and east. But that, slowly it changes, with the efforts of all, Tasting events, promotions, the outreach activities of the different classes, make the local consumer is discovering what occurs on their land.

But then, who drinks this 85% of wine consumed on the island?? then who will be….foreign. Summer is hot and the bodies are dehydrated, need to drink fluids, what better than a good white wine, Pink or chilled? for that. The visitor, blessing of heaven, visiting the Balearic, is thirsty for local product, interested in learning, with curiosity and appreciation for quality and increasingly open to natural products and organic. All this makes the Mallorcan winemaker, produce softer and lighter wines, targets based prensal, light pink, for the local market, and almost before the end of summer there is nothing left. And the red? red is another story…..

Looking at the statistics see how the autonomous community of Catalonia is the winner in number of foreign visitors, with an average of visitors fluctuates greatly between summer and winter, followed by Canarias with virtually an average occupancy 500.000 people every month of the year, and then, Balearic Islands, with a brutal fluctuation between the winter months (23.446 visitors in January 2014) Summer (1.380.636 Visitors in August 2014), resulting in consumption brutal, over a period of time long concerted.

The type of visitor, German predominance in statistics, followed by English, It is used to pay a price for alcohol, in his native country, much higher than originally, and this is also one of the reasons that can justify a higher price than the national average, besides it is not to mention the price of things on the island, especially field, today.

The tourist attraction, indústria country par excellence, pushing shopping the other sectors, Baleares and creates some interesting synergies with the world of wine, of course, do not waste.

Also worth mentioning, after a historical process of disappearance of wineries and cooperatives throughout the country, due to poor quality, production processes crude, low grape prices, etc. did languish the sector in general, until the introduction of the processes of cold in winemaking, increasing the quality, among other techniques, besides the appearance of large wineries and wine figures, (Gunsmith, Gelabert, Cerda, Grimalt, etc.)

they did succeed wines Mallorca, both nationally and internationally, and heat of this success, many others followed the same path, that placed back Mallorcan wines, Where deserved.

For these and other reasons, is living a sweet moment, where everything is sold and a more justifiable margin than in other areas. Despite the crisis and lack of credit, continue to open more and more wineries, but of course, Owner profile wineries is also unusual, but that's another post…..



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