Great wine and Armero Adrover

There are many profiles, just as there are many wineries and wine producers. As classify? arduous task. But they all deserve our respect, because whatever it is, the result of his adventures, always contribute and add to set.

Among many other, There profile winemaker winery, or commonly called payés: one owner who works the land, and tired of that third with benefits, decided to ride his cellar and close the circle of production and marketing, itself.

There is also wealthy vintner profile, or commonly called moneybags: Who comes from other sectors, as construction, Hospitality, World artisteo, Family Legacy, etc. with little or no experience, in the world of viticulture, but with economic capacity and illusion.

To finish, but not the last, there is also the winemaker profile SUV, empirical bodeguero, who says and does, against all odds, which demonstrates facts. For me it is the most merit has, and is one for which I would like to someday emulate. It is one winemaker profile with more or less knowledge, greater or lesser experience and financial capacity, just creating from your dreams, illusions and above all hard work, a winery and wines.

Without further ado, in my opinion, winery Armero Adrover It is a family winery, created by Luis Armero and his wife, in which his son Luis works. A winery created from the knowledge and hands of Luis, connoisseur of the environment, with a coarse knowledge in viticulture and oenology. A winery created from the effort and work, designed to create some of the most interesting wines from Mallorca.

Luis is able to weld and make a deposit, as well as improve and optimize processes in warehouse, while being aware of the jobs that suit you best for the vineyard, depending on the composition of the soil, and able to know why the final chemical composition of wine, because winemaking is his master. A winemaker SUV, sincere and with tremendous knowledge, I wish I could learn a part of their wisdom.

Note that in addition to good bodeguero, and I is not why I say, its wines speak for themselves, is excellent person. Always willing to help those who need it, making available to others, their knowledge and media, advising, teaching and passing on her love for good work.

Luis Armero, to put at our disposal his winery so that we could make oenological analysis, leaks, clarifications, barrel aging processes, In addition to practice pruning, pre-pruning on the grounds of Son Alegre, etc, by students enotecnia course and viticulture.

A large cellar, great wines:

Cellar: Armero Adrover

Pla and east // Vi de la terra de Mallorca




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