The DO in Mallorca: DO Mallorca, Pla i Llevant, Binissalem

On Mallorca in the Balearic and DO's

-But wine is not called Mallorca “Mallorca”??

- Nop !!!!!!.

-But if in the Penedes, hay DO Penedes, in the Priorat and the Priorat Rioja DOc and DOc La Rioja….One??

Do not worry, I made myself the same question, and I was not aware of the answer, hasta mucho después de vinos y varios haberme fundido visitar varias bodegas in situ . Incluso antes come a vivir a Mallorca , had tasted several wines from the islands just being aware that they were in Baleares.

Without going into detail, in Baleares, as of today (2014) EXIT 8 different denominations.

In Mallorca, the main ones are the Binissalem and Pla de llevant (can say that recently have added a script and have added – Mallorca) besides classifications wines (Serra Tramuntana – Costa Nord, land Mallorca, Illes Balears, terra Eivissa , Earth Menorca, land Formentera) and for those wines with native varieties still unrecognized, is to rely on table wines or wines from Spain.

As in the rest of the Balearic Islands, as Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera, for now there is no DO covering these goods, you being classified as wines.

On this site, podreis searching for the latest information, and with great detail:

Government Web Balearic Islands: Quality of the Balearic Islands

On the Appellations (DO's) that exist today on the island of Mallorca:

Binissalem i Pla and east


Now we're hearing rumors about creating a DO Mallorca, and it's about time to be designated as such, but that is another issue to be discussed below……. We still sell cares little image and straining to create international brand and be more competitive abroad….but that is another topic…


The power of marketing is indisputable, especially today. Tourism especially, s'ha Encargado of consolidar there Darla valor has marca “Mallorca”, which has achieved status desirable for any indigenous product branding, and it seems that DO's are also aware.

-O.D.. Binissalem

logo before binissalemBEFORE: Este es la imagen antigua of the DO Binissalem (without the word Mallorca)

binissalem now

AFTER: This is the current image of the Binissalem (with the power of the brand Mallorca)

-Pla i Llevant:

before clearing up

BEFORE: Este es la imagen antigua of the DO Pla i Llevant (without the word Mallorca)


AFTER: Esta es la imagen actual OD Pla i Llevant (with the power of the brand Mallorca)

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