Documentary “Mondovino” (YOUR) de Jonathan Nossiter


Released in Cannes 2004


Street Address: Jonathan Nossiter

Year: 2004

Country: France.

Documentary. YOUR

Duration: 135 minutes







Really, This film should be seen by anyone mandatory lover or wine aficionado be considered. Released in Cannes 2004, over 10 years behind, continues to show a rabid reality of global wine market.


Hubert de Montille

Vineyard Hubert de Montilivi (Source: JMBA)


In this documentary, we can see the vision of Jonathan Nossiter, on the polarization of the wine market in a global market. The struggle between tradition, between the terroir, among small farmers who defend and produce quality, regardless of trends and market demands, and secondly, the new world, the industrialization of the wine industry, and how few gurus are setting the standards and tastes in a world standard, creating demand for industrial wines and homogenized.

On the one hand we find in various French and Italian producers, Aimé Guibert como o Hubert de Montille, defending the terroir, a way to make wine respectful with the environment, with their traditions, a concept of honest artisan wine linked to land, and on the other side, Trust in globalization and industrialization of the wine market, as the winemaker Michel Rolland, Californian Mondavi family. Proponents mass production, Industrial, off del place, Environment, simple and merely creating a product for sale, maximizing the benefit, with a product marked by the tastes and preferences of Robert Parker, the ubiquitous guru in the world of wine.

A fight between good and evil, between the traditional and the Industrial, between the global market and the terroir.

A must see, It is essential



Lover of good drinks, Quick weak kidney and liver. Alchemist's Apprentice wine and spirits, hedonistic while ascetic

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