Castle Paquita

An artisanal fruit, dedicated to a mother. There may be better? yes of course, also this good. And the Château Paquita Eloi Cedó, get it.

In collaboration with the geniuses of 4kg, Eloi has managed to produce a small tier of 5.000 a natural wine bottles (by classifying it into a concept known). No pretensions, with complete honesty and great humility, and with hard work, imagination and effort.

Eloi has extensive experience as a winemaker in different parts of the globe, and once saturated in Mallorca, with a background and previous experiments, lives of their experience, their knowledge, and his own work, Château so Paquita, has an experimental approach, a wine without added sulfites, well managed, thanks to its roundness in breeding, which supplies the necessary essence of a natural preservative. Getting a wine, soft, round, slightly fruity, with an interesting alcohol, that just is sensed.

Personally, I like to describe the wines I taste with metaphors beyond adjectives without glitz that everyone wears the use and abuse, as the typical: aromas afrutados, the, slightly aromatic, etc. That does not even rub our subconscious and leave us any inside message related to wine just try. So I like to associate wines moments, feelings, Actions, in a way that is readily recognizable by either, and endure not only the characteristics of wine but the possible emotions or feelings associated.

Who does not remember the smell or feeling of snuggling in bed with freshly washed sheets? Who does not remember running across a field after a rainy day? except an inmate of the federal prison in Pensacola, Florida; we can all relate these metaphors applied to wine. For Eloi, did not allow me to develop an opinion on his wine using this method, but, with great humility I rated their wine as a product as natural as possible, with the means and materials of available, without further ado, Unpretentious of growing in number of bottles, No offense to create an industrial product, only the interest for sharing good wine. A good wine, easy, very pleasant and unpretentious, naturally to the extent required cooking, why do not forget, that all wines naturally, at lower doses, have a content of sulphite, copper, iron, etc. But that's another story….

Lover of good drinks, Quick weak kidney and liver. Alchemist's Apprentice wine and spirits, hedonistic while ascetic

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