Ca'n Vegetable growers

Ca'n Vegetable growers, It is one of those motivational stories, of which we always hang friends or acquaintances on Facebook “follow your dreams”, “Strive to be happy”, etc. accompanied by little hearts, Care bears, etc.

Arguably Ca'n Verdura Viticultors, It is the material realization of a dream, The Tomeu Llabrés, young winemaker. Creating signature wines, or garage or whatever you want to call, but yes wines, very personal, with very controlled vinification and special. Tomeu vinified in a small cellar, old garage or warehouse, selecting the best grapes from old vines Binissalem, until the estate of the former winery Bodegas Nadal little (not to confuse with Vins Nadal) currently Bodega Antonio Nadal Ros, of which his father was, for many years, the soul and guardian, But that is another story, of the many that are in Mallorca.

Definitely, are special wines, Powerful cutting, modern character, with a current picture, that do not go unnoticed. As he likes to say to himself Tomeu, are funky wines…and I say: oh yeahhh!, worth trying.

Lover of good drinks, Quick weak kidney and liver. Alchemist's Apprentice wine and spirits, hedonistic while ascetic

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