Callet – Armero Adrover Family Book

Should be considered as risk profession of winemaker. The risk involved in making decisions that affect your wines in the next 40 years that plant varieties, carries a monumental responsibility. But again hit Luis Armero.

Years, at the time of the generation before mine, landraces were reviled, the market demanded almost exclusively French varieties, people only buy local wines cabernet / merlot, you could find in any region of the world, regardless of wealth and unique varieties of each zone. Besides talking about organic wines, Integrated Production, respectful, natural and biodynamic not say, It was an absolute eccentricity. As winemakers planted varieties that the market demanded (French at its most), regardless that fashions change, and what market dictatorships ordered one day, are replaced the next day without mercy, and today,the trend in consumption, changes again. It seems that the market begins to assess the varietal of landraces. But what if you 25 years decided to plant foreign varieties? there is the risk of hitting or not….

But Luis Armero, It has always been ahead of its time, he already cultivated and argued for the Mallorcan native varieties, argued for wines with low levels of sulfites, filtered wine with very soft, so we could enjoy the most of what each variety can offer wines natural and respectful with the environment. With this vision, We can now enjoy one of the best callets de Mallorca, undoubtedly, the “Book Callet family harvest in 2012”.

A wine created only with the Mallorcan variety Callet, Low layer, senior and medium acidity, but Luis Armero, combines its fair saboir, to squeeze what this variety can be obtained, rounding several months of aging, increasing the extraction to take a deeper layer, and achieving a balance between the red fruit aromas and gentle persistence as pleasant in the mouth…….must try

Highly recommended, should be mandatory….

Lover of good drinks, Quick weak kidney and liver. Alchemist's Apprentice wine and spirits, hedonistic while ascetic

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