Bodegas Bordoy

Bodegas Bordoy, at the time, had 2 distinct edificiaciones, an outer vessel, for processing and bottling and another for aging and storage, rather it looks like a bomb shelter. It is impressive to see how the land stacked on the sides and above this appearance and this result so chilly that helps maintain proper temperature without mechanical cooling is achieved. It was the 2015, about a year ago, but I think everything has changed a little.

The history of Bodegas Bordoy may seem scarce in adventure, at risk, as it is the business culmination of a distribution group well established on the island, representing several of the best known brands, brewers,liquor, etc. So the road was done and the sales channel also. One could say that is the natural step of the restless entrepreneur, which has already Synergies, to make this adventure a success.

But is not be fooled. Bodegas Bordoy, It is in its conception a challenge and an adventure. Terroir is practically sandy, Llucmajor and the area that goes to Cala Pi, It is the driest part of the island, with less rainfall. Arguably it's not a gentle area for the cultivation of the vine. In Roman times llucmajor, termed as Lucus maioris, forest or greater, Maior island X (tenth largest island), It was the place where the Romans supplied their timber needs, Senior Forest, and there is little, the truth.

Our ancestors planted vineyard anywhere, where they could, the vineyard no longer practically a weed vine that grows almost anywhere, but not anywhere gives us the best of themselves. These lands belonging to one of the largest area possesions, which you can see the buildings and chapel, they believe are today a luxury hotel.

Mallorca is a different place, it can rain in the Tramuntana mountains but not drop or a drop in this area. If it is true that is where most of the embat winds noticeable, This is where less rain. We in summer, When we wanted to go to the beach, and although in Palma were cloudy, always we came to this side of the island, where you knew it would not rain.

Well, as we said, You can be seen as the vine suffers from a lack of vigor, by soil type, are small grapevines, long, with many yore, but they give a very interesting wine production and low quality but. If it is true that wine line struck me as very commercial, little differentiator, Very following trends (onion skin pink wines, etc.), I longed wines with a distinctive character, more Mallorcan. But itself, set, I liked very much.

Lover of good drinks, Quick weak kidney and liver. Alchemist's Apprentice wine and spirits, hedonistic while ascetic

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