Bodega Son Ramon

Occasionally, Life offers small discoveries, to which one no importance, but gradually begins to value. Son Ramon is one of those hidden gems in the sea, a small treasure trove. Regrettably, once discovered and valued, hard to find wines to enjoy again.

Son Ramon is a family owned hotel in Mallorca, that with confidence, have recovered an interesting property in llubí, in a very interesting area for growing grapes, restoring its former glory, respecting the spaces and maintaining the charm of the old cellars. We can still see an old press, the barrels you congreñadas, Plant and old building, part of the aqueduct, etc.

But with the new times, Son Ramon, They have kept the charm, without artificially tune, or merge, or modernize. They have kept what was, giving it its lost glory, and void spaces intended for modern winemaking, a great success, with improved outcome.

The system double cordon trellis, and underground irrigation, It is very unusual here in Mallorca, but very successful systems in this particular area, to control the growth and strength of the vine, and to improve the root system, in this way, angle geotropismo siquera not be affected, but radicelas can get perfectly fulfill its mission without competing with neighboring plants, in its normal frame from 40-60 Depth cm. A very rich and easy to work terroir, the environment near Muro is really interesting. Give joy to see the power and vitality of the topsoil of their chardonnay

Further, has not been spared media, cleverly using wooden fudres breeding, two levels of tanks for bazuqueos gravity, etc. And of course, supported by an excellent team as winemaker Cati, always attentive and friendly, with exceptional human qualities.

So much so the set of good people and good chores , a very nice result arises, and are the wines are Ramon. I tried them for the first time in the sixth fira de Pollença, in the cloister of Santo Domingo, unforgivable for any lover or curious quote wines mallorca. All wines liked, no one had the typical, that I know that I, that you do not like. All were successful, from muscat, past the white chardonnay, pink, red, though of course, with a base of syrah, any red beats me.

The luck or misfortune of this discovery, is that most of the wine produced in Son Ramon, from its entry level range (Romany) to their best wines, They sold or consumed mostly, in their own catering business, completing the business community as our wise, for I cook and I eat it. Leaving us with few options to purchase wines are Ramon in nearby shops.

Lover of good drinks, Quick weak kidney and liver. Alchemist's Apprentice wine and spirits, hedonistic while ascetic

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