Bodega Biniagual

Biniagual is a very interesting place, with a generous land, with a unique story and more interesting, a 4 km Binissalem, the current village Biniagual (Arab'beni ahual', which means son of squint) It was bought in its entirety by German entrepreneur Klaus Graf, He is known as the man who bought a town in Mallorca, even a village 15 housing, now his people.

It is the story that repeats endlessly German potentates who acquire great properties based book. Although Mr.. Graf is linked to a myriad of business islanders, as it takes over 40 Mallorca settled years. It is to recognize merit of buying a farm like this and gradually restored house go home, to what it is today.

Arguably the winery Biniagual gives the impression of a large industrial factory, with their ships reconverted breeding winery, interior coated panels and white tiles, that give an aseptic air, hygienic, industrial; If it were not for deposits, barrels, not say we're in a cellar.

The wines seemed very correct, with great potential, since the area is ideal for vineyard, good land, good weather, buena pluviometría. But as always pulls the mountain goat can not help but be impartial, and I like wines with character, different and autochthonous, and less focused market. Either way, nowadays, with technological degree, resources and knowledge applied to winemaking is more difficult to create a bad wine a good one, and Biniagual winery has a large technology component.

Lover of good drinks, Quick weak kidney and liver. Alchemist's Apprentice wine and spirits, hedonistic while ascetic

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